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“Education is every day and everywhere, the only thing you have to pay is attention.” (Tim Fargo)

The elementary school OŠ Slivnica pri Celju is situated in the heart of an idyllic village of Gorica pri Slivnici, Slovenia. Although Gorica pri Slivnici is only about 16 km away from Slovenia’s third largest city, Celje,  it still lies in Kozjansko region, which is known for its unspoiled nature. Surrounded by hills, meadows and forests, the local people still have a close bond with nature, and so do our pupils. Many of them like to go cycling, hiking or even climbing mountains also because our school closely cooperates with the local mountaineering society (we are very proud of our pupils who have so far twice won the national competition Mladina in gore/The Youth and the Mountains! 🙂 ).  A lot of pupils are also interested in fishing in the nearby lake Slivniško jezero, where they can explore any other species of wildlife, too. You can read more about the attractions in the local communities HERE.

The school OŠ Slivnica pri Celju opened its door on September 1, 1966. Over the years, it has undergone a number of changes (e.g. it changed its location; 2002/2003: compulsory elementary education beeing extended from 8 to 9 years, etc.). The central school has also got two branch schools – PŠ Loka pri Žusmu and PŠ Prevorje, where pupils attend grades 1 to 5. Currently, there are approximately 250 pupils enrolled in our school. You can read more about the educational system in Slovenia HERE.

slivnica_zrak pos_loka_zrak pos_prevorje_zrak

At our school English has been taught as the first foreign language since school year 1997/1998 (it replaced German which was taught as the first foreign language until 1996/1997). Students can practise English also in school’s virtual classrooms. Hopefully even this blog will contribute to motivate students to use English more often and learn it with vigour and enthusiasm. 🙂


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