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“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” (Marcel Proust)

World in Classroom – WELCOME to OŠ Slivnica pri Celju!

Our school has always been interested in hosting guests from abroad. If you are willing to present your country, culture and mother tongue as well as share your valuable experiences with our pupils, you are more than welcome at our school!  🙂

> World in Classroom – FLIER

> More about the project World in Classroom: http://eng.cmepius.si/projects/wic/


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A visit from Russia

On 24th March 2017 our school received another visit organized within the project World in Classroom. Ms Veronika Starkova, an exchange student from Russia, gave an interesting presentation on her mother country in four different classes. Our younger students watched a typical Russian cartoon, recited a short nursery rhyme and counted to ten in Russian. A group of our ninth-graders carried out an interview with her.

Interview with Veronika Starkova

by Lucija Kolar, Tjaša Voga, Patricija Tanšek & Maja Mesarec

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Interview with David Mosquera from Colombia

by Maruša Užmah, 7th grade

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Interview with the beekeeper Andrej Jernej

by Žan Debelec, 7th grade

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Interview with Žan Debelec, an avid young beekeeper

by Sara Žafran & David Domanjko, 7th grade

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Back to School with Radio Si

On 7th June 2016 our seventh-graders spent an English lesson with Lidija Petković and Korab Jorgacieski, two journalists at Radio Si. The students had to explain and guess different words. Listen and find out how successful our students were in explaining and guessing the words!

Ms Lidija Petković and Mr Korab Jorgacieski visited our school again on 15th May 2017. This time the guessing game was played by our  ninth-graders.

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A visit from Poland

On 22nd January 2016 our school hosted Ms Magda Szykor, an exchange student from Poland. Ms Szykor visited our school within the project World in Classroom. She presented her mother country and constantly drew parallels between Polish and Slovenian cultures and languages. She even taught our students a simple Polish song! 🙂

Have a look at some of the activities Ms Szykor carried out with our students:

Interview with Magda Szykor

by Maja Mesarec, Brina Gorza, Nika Pungeršek (8th grade) & Vid Palčnik (9th grade)

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Comenius assistant teacher

FromHelena_Sentjur October 7, 2013 to February 14, 2014 our school hosted a Comenius assistant teacher from Germany, Ms Helena Maria Verhaag. Her presence enriched our school life and made us feel more European. Both pupils and school staff had the opportunity to improve their foreign language skills (English and German) in a lively and interesting way. In addition to this, Ms Verhaag also motivated everybody to open up to her culture and country by sharing her personal experiences and interests.

Interview with Helena M. Verhaag

by Aljaž Kumberger, 8th grade

Aljaž: Hello Helena! It’s been a month and a half since you last saw us. We would like to know the experience that you’ve obtained from us and the thoughts you’ve collected while you were here. So please answer these questions.

How did you get to our school in the first place?

Helena: As you know I come from Germany but I wanted to go abroad to see other countries in Europe, too. My intention was to meet new people, to experience their way of life and at the same time I wanted to get some teaching experiences. For me it was important to improve my teaching skills, so I searched for European programmes, which offer this possibility. I found “Comenius”, which was the “perfect” programme for my plan. I applied for this programme but I didn’t specify to which country I wanted to go because I wanted to surprise myself. 🙂 When I finally got the reply from the agency, I found out I was going to Slovenia to work at your school. It turned out this was a lucky coincidence.

Aljaž: Can you compare German schools to Slovene schools?

Helena: In Germany we have got a different school system, different standards and a different “teaching mentality”, so it is difficult for me to answer this question. I think that schools are in principle the same (we have got the same school subjects, some teaching methods are the same and so on). However, for me it was interesting and new to see that you don’t go out during your main break. In Germany this break lasts for about half an hour – first the children eat their snacks and afterwards they go outside, and so they have the opportunity to play and breathe fresh air during this time, too. On the other hand, I liked it very much that you have a lot of “special days” on which you go to museums, theatres, sports events or on which you organize special events at school etc. For me it is important that children don’t only stay at school and learn plain theory or facts but also to see the world with all its facets.

Aljaž: What were your favourite moments here?

Helena: I had a lot of “favourite” moments in Slovenia. 🙂 For example: the view over the Logar Valley or the feeling to be proud of myself after reaching the top of a mountain; many “communication situations” with arms and legs :-); my birthday at school; a lot of interesting conversations; my emotional departure and so on …

Aljaž: When you think of Slovenia, what are the first things that come to your mind?

Helena: A small, beautiful, traditional country with a lot of friendly and open-minded people and a lot of nature. Hiking (for example the Logar Valley, Uršlja gora). Vroča čokolada/hot chocolate (very tasty! 🙂 ). Trips/excursions. Potica and gibanica. Folklore.

Aljaž: Did you like Slovenia overall? Why (not)?

Helena: Yes, I liked Slovenia because it is a beautiful and diverse country. Slovenia has got everything you need: e.g. a beautiful landscape, the sea, mountains, caves, a short way/drive to the neighbouring countries, nice and friendly people etc.

Aljaž: What do you plan to do in the future?

Helena: Next month I am having my last exam and I will finish my studies. Then I will enjoy my free time and work to earn money before I start working at school. I plan to go to Portugal for two months to help people there, i.e. I am going to work for people who rent holiday flats and houses. In August I will be back in Germany and then I would like to travel around again (e.g. to different cities in Germany/Europe). In November I am going to start my work at a primary school.

Aljaž: If you take your whole experience in Slovenia, how would you rate it and why?

Helena: For me it was a great experience and I learned a lot from it. It was very interesting for me to live in another country, to talk to people whose language I don’t know or understand, to see what their way of living is like, to teach teens and children German language, and “to teach like a proper teacher already“ … All in all it was very good for me to go abroad and to broaden my horizons,to improve my personal skills and to meet new friendly people!

Aljaž: Thank you for your answers and I hope you will remember us. We will definitely remember you.

Helena: I enjoyed answering your questions! 🙂 I was pleased that Ms Puhner sent them to me and I am happy that you still think of me!

All the best to all of you!

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland / Lep pozdrav iz Nemčije 🙂

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