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“Be the change you want to see in the world.” (Mahatna Gandhi)

We support the WORLD BEE DAY!    

The Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association proposes to the United Nations that May 20th is declared World Bee Day. They launched an educational promotional campaign to raise public awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping throughout the European Union.

On Thursday, 3 December 2015, the representatives of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association visited our local beekeepers’ society (i. e. Čebelarsko društvo Slivnica pri Celju). Since some of our students are active in this society too, we had the opportunity to attend the event and take a photo in front of the promotional van. In this photo you can see the president of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association, Mr Boštjan Noč, together with our students and teachers.


In the name of bees, you are invited to join the World Bee Day campaign too!  🙂 Please take a photo of your students showing us that you support World Bee Day. In the photo you can use the following logo or/and the picture of our students with the promotional van.


A presentation by our student Nik:

More about this initiative: http://www.mkgp.gov.si/en/world_bee_day_initiative/ and LEAFLET

The schools cooperating in our eTwinning project To BEE or not to BEE support the WORLD BEE DAY, too!

  • Belgian school Don Bosco
  • French school Henri Matisse
  • Spanisch school San Viator

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We support the German school Theodor Haubach Schule in their initiative to save the rainforests by stopping the use of cheap palm oil in Europe. With the owls carrying letters, the students want to remind the EU Climate Commission in Brussels to stop the increasing use of cheap palm oil in Europe. (more >)
Palm oil is the most widely produced vegetable oil worldwide. It is used in food products, cosmetics, detergents and candles. Since oil palms need a rainforest climate and a lot of land, plantations are often established at the expense of rainforests. The destruction of rainforests causes an irreversible loss of biological diversity. Moreover, tropical deforestation is also responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, making it a significant contributor to climate change. (source >)
Our students Ana, Danaja, Aljaž and Klavdij created an owl, too. Together with a tiny letter we sent the owl to the EU Commission for Climate. We want the Commission to label palm oil in cosmetics and establish an official seal for products with palm oil. (our support >)

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Let’s celebrate EARTH DAY!

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